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Frequently Asked Questions
arrow.gif (60 bytes) What Should I Consider Before Filing for a Divorce?
arrow.gif (60 bytes) Can a Father Get Custody?
arrow.gif (60 bytes) How can I Find Out about My Spouse's Assets?
arrow.gif (60 bytes) When Can I Stop Paying Child Support?
arrow.gif (60 bytes) What are Mine When We Separate?
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arrow.gif (60 bytes) Grounds for Divorce
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arrow.gif (60 bytes) How to Work with Your Lawyer
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Below, you will find resources to help you if you are going through divorce, or simply thinking about it.

  • icon-calculator.gif (8019 bytes)Support Payment Calculator
    Use this free tool to calculate how much child support or spousal support you may receive/pay.

  • Divorce Articles
    Articles found here are related to divorce, the process and you and your family's journey.

  • Links
    Some links that may be helpful for those going through, or thinking about divorce.

  • Divorce Guide
    This Divorce Guide provides you with information, support, and guidance you need to go through your divorce.

  • podcasticon.gif (1597 bytes)Teleseminar Podcast
    Stanley Potter was the featured speaker at this 1/2 hour teleseminar hosted by Divorce Magazine: What are the Major Issues in a Divorce and How Do You Deal with Them.
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